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DOG Gone Netflix: Watch Dog Gone Movie Online Free

DOG Gone Netflix: Watch Dog Gone Online Free

Rob Lowe is a successful businessman who teams up with his son to look for the family pet along the Appalachian Trail in “Dog Gone.” In one instance, he says that he is skilled at formulating “predictive assumptions.” It doesn’t take a genius to guess that this film, which is based on the true story of John Marshall and his son, Fielding (Johnny Berchtold), reconciling in order to find a beloved pet, will feature touching sequences of dog-bonding montages set to indie music (Freebridge, VANYO, Easy Tiger), tense medical situations involving both humans and dogs, touching moments of connection between the two species, lighthearted moments, photos of the filmmakers cuddling their own dogs.

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Watch Dog Gone Netflix Trailer

Watch Dog Gone Netflix Movie Online

A little boy and his parents go on a heroic journey to recover their missing dog so that the boy may give the animal some life-saving medication.

The movie and novel were written by journalist Pauls Toutonghi, the brother-in-law of Fielding and the son-in-law of John Marshall, who also appears in the film. Nick Santora’s screenplay expertly streamlines the tale, while Stephen Herek’s direction and tone setting, Emily Bear’s score, and Michael Martinez’s cinematography make the most of Georgia’s stunning environment to stand in for Virginia.

DOG Gone netflix cast

Among the film’s stars are Johnny Berchtold, Rob Lowe, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and Nick Peine.
The cast is described in detail in this book.

DOG Gone Movie Story

Fielding, a college senior, has recently been dumped and is looking to fill the vacuum in his life.
The realization that he needs a dog soon sets in. Fielding takes in Gonker, a dog his best friend strongly discourages him from getting, and soon the two may be seen bopping around campus together. Then Fielding moved back in with his parents, John and Ginny, because he is the only one of his buddies who is still unemployed (Kimberly Williams-Paisley).

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His father has some reservations about his son’s aimlessness, but when Gonker disappears on the Appalachian Trail, the two are obliged to work together. For the sake of the lost dog’s medication, they have only a few days to find him.

Based on Pauls Toutonghi’s 2016 book of the same name, the film tells the true life of a dog named Gonker.

When and where do the events in Dog Gone take place?

Virginia and the surrounding Appalachian Mountains serve as the film’s backdrop.

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