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How to Eliminate Bad Breath in 48 hours Using Green Tea

Eliminate Bad Breath in 48 hours Using Green Tea

If you have doubts about the odor of your breath, don’t worry. There are many ways to eliminate bad breath at home. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of them.

Detecting whether or not you have bad breath can be hard at times. There are people who think they have bad breath when their breath is completely fairly neutral. Some have awful breath and have no clue. In case you have doubts about your mouth odor, you can simply ask someone you trust for an honest opinion.

Bad breath is known as halitosis, and can be embarrassing and in some instances may even cause anxiety. This is why gum, mints and mouth spray are in store shelves everywhere to help people fight bad breath temporarily. However, temporary methods are not the best ways to eliminate bad breath.

Putting aside the fact that there are certain foods, health conditions, and habits that can contribute to having bad breath, you still need to put in the effort to improve your dental hygiene. Apart from brushing regularly each day, try to consume Green tea twice a day to help eliminate bad odor.

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Green tea is a great tea with many oral health benefits. According to a study, antioxidants in green tea aid in fighting numerous causes of bad breath. Especially, the polyphenols which reduces sulfur compounds and oral bacteria that contribute to smelly breath.

Consuming one cup of Green tea a day alone is enough to assist in eliminating bad breath. This is in addition to brushing your teeth and tongue, and taking all your dental care routine.

Note: If simple home remedies do not solve your problem, see your dentist or physician to be sure a more serious condition isn’t causing your bad breath.

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How to Eliminate Bad Breath in 48 hours Using Green Tea 1
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