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Fameye 2am Lyrics ft Peter (Stream audio)

Fameye 2am Lyrics & audio

Fameye 2am Lyrics and audio. Listen & Stream 2am by Fameye and Peter. Read the lyrics and watch the official music video on our website. Check it out below and don’t forget to share.

Listen to Fameye 2am audio

Fameye 2am Lyrics

Peter Peter Peter Peter
Yeah yeah (liquid beats )
I get some party anadwo yia

3wc s3 m’eko
Me wo body jeans me wo mille thing’s mpaboa yia na 3w) s3 m’et)
Abrante3 m’ay3 fine me nya ndae

This is so nice
Me girlfriend me fr3fr3 no
Ose menya abotre na obia mmaa y3
Eh the party go start at two

Traffic nti driver tu
Y3n we nsa na y3ngye nsem
M’ako duru nt3m 3twetwa bia

Anonom bia ma
M’ep3 kwan ako oow
M’ep3 kwan ako oow
As I go na party don’t start meduru fie na party don start
I land for house party don start yeh yh party don start

Hw3 s3 medru fie na mmaa yi fr3fr3 me agoro naso
Papa bi y3 ap3 me wagye me number
0244 me nhyia no okyena
Make I no do dull

Y3 ntem baby na nsuo so t)
Wo amba nt3m a obi de me reko
Eii asem ben nie
Somebody yeeh e dey take my bae
Manom a bo 3ny3 Mia

If I no do fast a obe mia
Fowaa wetin dey sup
Afr3 saa u no pick up
Bouncer ne se you just komot
Cus I dey here ky3 wetin dey sup
M’ako duru ntem atetwa bia anonom bia
Ma me p3 kwan ako oo p3 kwan ako oo

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