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Lagos state governor Against The Use Of Okada Transport

Lagos state governor: No company has been licensed to run okada Services

The lagos state governor who’s name is His excellency Gov Jide Sanwo-Olo has stated that no one was given the license to operate commercial services with motorcycle popularly known as okada,following a ban it placed on the means of transportation in six local government areas and nine local council development areas in lagos state.

Lagos state commissioner for information and strategy in the aforementioned state, Gbenga Omotosho who disclosed this yesterday said what the government has been trying to do is to regulate commercial motorcyclists so that their excesses can be curtailed.

He went further to say that they are trying to make sure they give the people of lagos state the most convenient means of transportation to avoid unnecessary accidents.

It is no doubt that lagos state is the most populated state in Nigeria.

We remember that during Governor Sanwo-Olu’s manifesto he said one of his major projects is to ensure that there is no longer traffic issues in the state. So it’s of no surprise that all these is happening now but the question is what will happen to those that are feeding their family through their okada riding business ?

According to the governor he said most of the accident that happens in the state is being caused by okada riders and he wants this to come to an end with immediate effect.

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