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Money Heist Netflix Original Series

Money Heist Netflix Original Series

Money Heist is a Netflix original series and has broken records on the movie streaming platform. The criminal mastermind, “The Professor”, has a plan to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. He recruits eight individuals with special abilities, to join him on his mission. The gang takes hostages to bargain with authorities, then prepares for a showdown with the police. There is much at stake, and only a few will survive.

Netflix’s popularity has been growing ever since the first season of Money Heist aired. The show’s creator has addressed the series’ end and has confirmed that it will not air the sixth season. After the season 5 finale, there are no plans for a sixth season.

The creator is has taken on other projects such as Sky Rojo, A new series, he has also been working on which is a comedy series about a bank robbery. So, if you’re interested in watching Money Heist, you should definitely check out his other shows.

There are a few things to know about the ending of Money Heist. The creators announced they did not plan it but had to end it that way because the show was about to be canceled. Nevertheless, the finale is a special moment that should not be missed by the series’ fans.

The series’ popularity has been phenomenal. It has become one of the most-watched shows on Netflix. In its third season, it has already broken the record for the most episodes ever. Moreover, the show has inspired protests around the world and has become a major trend in the streaming industry. You can watch Money Heist online or download it on DVD. This TV series is a must-watch for fans of crime.

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