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The tinder Swindler Netflix Movie | Watch Online

The tinder Swindler Netflix Movie

Women who lost millions of dollars to a dating app swindler get together to track him down and reclaim their money. The target of the popular documentary, who defrauded hundreds of thousands of women, is attempting to launch a celebrity career, which is a dismal but unavoidable next step.

The tinder Swindler Netflix Movie Summary

The entire documentary is based around a trickster who pretended to be a wealthy, jet-setting diamond mogul and wooed women online before defrauding them for millions of dollars. With Some of the victims now plotting retaliation.

The tinder swindler cast

  • Kristoffer Kumar
  • Cecilie Fjellhøy
  • Pernilla Sjöholm
  • Ayleen Charlotte
  • Erlend Ofte Arntsen
  • Natalie Remøe Hansen
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